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Fashion shoot for social website

Casting finalizado
Detalles del casting
Estados del casting:Finalizado
Tipo de casting:Web/interactivo
Inicio casting:12-02-2018
Fin casting:15-03-2018
Remuneración mínima:40 €
Remuneración máxima:100 €

We are looking for models who feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Their facial expressions need to express sexiness and confidence. Their personality also needs to express fun and excitement which will encourage viewers to follow you. The photo sessions will be taken inside a photo studio in Madrid and will reflect a lifestyle which many people will desire and aim to imitate. 
We are looking for a European profile and a young face which will reflect the image of high street fashion brands. The photoshoot will require posing standing up, sitting down and also lying on a bed.They will also be a short video taken of the model posing with the clothes. 

We are looking for female models between the ages of 16-26 years old.
They have to be between 5'7 '' - 5'9 '' to participate. They have to have a toned body and be in shape and we will accept waist sizes from 8-12. They can be a figure with curves to reflect the normal sizes of young women in society.

Para este casting se buscan los siguientes perfiles:
Fashion Photoshoot for social media
Edad: De 18 a 26 años, Regiones: Ávila, Madrid, Murcia, Toledo, Zaragoza, Datos personales: Sexo: Femenino, Datos físicos: Constitución física: Delgado/a, Normal, Color de pelo: Castaño, Moreno, Pelirrojo, Rubio, Etnia: Caucásico, Escandinavo, Mediterráneo, Datos profesionales: Profesión: Otros, Bailarín, Cantante, Figurante, Modelo, Nº de trabajos realizados como modelo o actor: Ninguno